Opengear LTE Gateway

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This product is now EOL (End of Life). View the current products here 

The Opengear ACM5504-5-LR-I deploys alongside distributed IT, network and power infrastructure, providing secure remote access over the 3G or 4G LTE cellular networks with true out-of-band management, proactive monitoring and smart automated response capabilities.
This gateway enables complete & uninterrupted remote management for central operations staff, reducing the need for expensive on-site technical visits, improving operational efficiency and minimising mean-time-to-repair.

The ACM5504-5-LR-I provides LTE connectivity, 4 serial console ports, 5 ethernet ports, digital I/O, extended temperature range (+74deg), environmental sensors, local 4GB storage.  The gateway is ideal for environmental monitoring, power management and monitoring and remote site storage of offline logs and running configuration files.

Service providers can deliver Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services better, faster, and more cost-effectively by using Opengear Remote Infrastructure Management Gateway from anywhere in the world.


Key Features

  • LTE router
  • Cisco compatible RJ45 ports for easy, quick installation.
  • Embedded AJAX terminal for accessing serial devices.
  • FTP | TFTP storage for running configurations.


Product Order Number: