Adeunis Field Test Device LoRaWAN


AU915 / AS923 available

Field Test Device – Network validation, prior to your solution deployment

The LoRaWAN Field Test Device by ADEUNIS is a ready-to-use system which provides connection to any operated network using the LoRaWAN V1.0 protocol. It allows to transmit, receive and instantly view the radio frames on the used network.

Equipped with a large LCD screen, you can check all operating information (GPS coordinates, temperature, battery) and use of the network (uplink, downlink, SF, Packet Error Rate). Its ultra-fast and precise GPS optimises geolocation operations.

This Field Test Device is particularly suitable for the validation of applications like sensor networks, asset tracking, smart buildings, metering, security, or M2M | IoT.

With built-in rechargeable battery, this demonstrator allows for many hours of use and can be recharged with any type of mobile phone charger.

A version to test on AS923 LoRaWAN networks is also available – the ARF8124CA Field Test Device LoRaWAN AS923


Key Features

  • Ready-to-use device
  • Range up to 25 km
  • LoRaWAN V1.0 network protocol
  • Class A & C
  • High precision GPS
  • Self-powered and rechargeable
  • Dedicated web app


Additional information