Adeunis Pulse LoRaWAN


The LoRaWAN Pulse from Adeunis is a ready-to-use radio transceiver allowing users to transmit data from water, gas, electricity & heat meters.

The LoRaWAN Pulse provides connection to any operated network using the LoRaWAN protocol. Two meters can be supported by a single LoRaWAN Pulse transmitter, allowing a significant reduction of costs of implementation and deployment.

The configuration of the transmitter can be done via the network allowing the choice of periodicity, pulse weight or data encryption.

Powered through a Lithium battery, it allows autonomy guaranteed up to 10 years.

Key Features

  • Radio transmission of meter data through LoRaWAN compliant networks

  • Water, gas, electricity & heat meters

  • Up to two meters per transmitter

  • Range up to 10km

  • Up to 10 years of autonomy

  • IP67 enclosure

Additional information