AirLink MP895 for Quad-Band HSUPA

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Sierra Wireless AirLink™ MP895 Router is designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers who require a reliable consistent connection to clusters of remote assets, or need a robust routing or back-up solution for either fixed/portable or mobile environments. AirLink intelligent routers are equipped with multiple connection options (Ethernet, USB, serial) and WiFi access point to enable multiple devices to connect with one AirLink 3G router.

The MP895 is a ultra-rugged, intelligent, high-speed, in-vehicle data solution for advanced tracking and mobile Internet connectivity with optional WiFi.  Powered by ALEOS™ embedded intellience and managed by the AirLink suite of management software (ALMS), AirLink routers maintain a reliable connection to remote assets and provide comprehensive remote configuration and control.

With the ALEOS Events Reporting Engine the AirLink MP reports real-time status and actionable event notifications to ensure time-sensitive information is presented in the right place at the precise time needed for better decision making and overall system efficiency.

Key Features

  • Multiple connection options – Ethernet, USB, serial, and WiFi access point
  • Featuring support for the Garmin Fleet Management Interface (FMI)
  • Security – IPsec VPN, GRE Tunneling, Multiple VLANs, WPA2
  • Routing Protocols – NAT, VRRP, Port Forwarding, Port Filtering
  • Failover – Integrated Failover for Back-up and Networking


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