AirPrime Management Services

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Once you have deployed devices with AirPrime™ Intelligent Embedded Modules in the field, the challenge is to be able to regularly monitor and upgrade remote devices in order to diagnose and repair problems. How do you do that in an easy, safe and cost-effective way?

The answer is AirVantage™ Management Services for AirPrime, a packaged device management solution that enables you to remotely monitor and securely upgrade the application software running on AirPrime Intelligent Embedded Modules as well as the operating system and protocol stack.

Remote diagnosis enables you to:
run sanity checks and configure your devices
– monitor the wireless network quality
– compile traffic reports for analysis

Software upgrade services includes:
delta generation: download only the code that have changed for faster download and reduce data volume
– upgrade for multiple devices
– real time campaign monitoring
– reports

Key Features

  • Easy to deploy: compatible with a large range of wireless modules, integrated with your existing information system or accessible via our web portal
  • Available worldwide: carrier agnostic and accessible through specific IP backbone
  • Field proven: on industry standards: OMA-DM and full IP architecture
  • Scalable: state-of-the-art architecture and ability to schedule massive download (pull-push mode)
  • Secure: web portal access with RSA One Time Password, end-to-end secure exchanges with mutual authentication, robust software Over-The-Air installation
  • Maintained and supported by a dedicated Sierra Wireless team


Product Order Number: