Evvos Rain and Precipitation Gauge


Rain and precipitation sensor with self-emptying tipping bucket. This is one of the most accurate and reliable precipitation gauges on the market and for the last 30 years, more than 220.000 rain gauges were sold in 41 countries on 5 continents.

Tipping bucket

With its patented self-emptying tipping bucket, this rain gauge is one of the most accurate and reliable on the market. It gives you advantages in:

  • More accurate measurements.
  • Only one adjustment screw which makes it easy to recalibrate.
  • The POM bucket is a special material that makes it difficult for dust and dirt to stick to the tipping spoon and enables water to be easily released.

All rain gauges are manually calibrated. This guarantees accurate measurements. Free selection of 0,10 / 0,20 / 0, 25 or 0,5 mm resolution at the same price. Accuracy: +/- 2%.

Minimal maintenance

This rain gauge requires minimal maintenance due to:

  • An outer shell made of STYROSUN – easy to clean surface.
  • High quality plastic materials and a simple design for a very long durability (> 10 years).

The tipping bucket rain and precipitation gauge is compatible with the following EVVOS products:


Product Order Number:

EV SNRG.304.100

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