DB3U to MiniCard Vertical Extender with SIM Card Slot

Product Order Number:
SW MM3U V1.1


MM3U is a vertical extender from MiniCard slot to MiniCard together with DB3U. It is very convenient, especially when applying a “full-size” MiniCard module to “half-size” MiniCard slot.

As MM3U has a SIM card slot, wireless MiniCard modules which require a SIM Card such as 3.5G HSPA can be used, even if the  original MiniCard slot is not connected to SIM card slot.

Since all of the 1.5V power supply pins of MiniCard slot have series termination, the 1.5V power supply can be isolated separately so that MiniCard modules using 1.5V pins as GPIO can be used. A combination of MM3U and DB3U is the best solution for MiniCard evaluation.

Key Features

  • PCI Express Mini Card Electromechanical SpecificationRevision 1.2
  • Designed for MiniCard evaluation= Vertically extend MiniCard Slot
  • SIM Card Slot : Suitable for wireless MiniCard modules (HSDPA/HSUPA, UMTS, CDMA GSM, GPRS, EDGE)
  • MiniCard Slot for module: Both Full-size and Half-size.
  • 1.5V Isolation: Series termination resistors for eachMiniCard slot 1.5V pins.
  • Host Side MiniCard Slot (DB3U):Both Full-size and Half-size MiniCard slot*DB3U is required for MM3U.


Product Order Number:

SW MM3U V1.1