Strega LoRaWAN Smart Emitter


With the Strega LoRaWAN Smart Emitter you can do away with excess cabling, encoders-decoders and irrigation controllers, as it is designed to connect directly to your existing irrigation valve, or the Strega Smart Valve.

It is wireless battery operated, providing ultra-low consumption with approximately 5 years battery life.

The Smart Emitter offers exceptional signal penetration and can be pre-loaded with watering schedules.

Scheduler is the smart way to solve some of the most common problems with farm irrigation systems – “When do I water?” and “How long do I water?”. Starting an irrigation cycle too early and/or running an irrigation cycle too long (over-watering) wastes water, money and can cause damage to crops. Likewise, starting an irrigation cycle too late or not running the system for a long enough period of time (under-watering) can cause reduced yields and poor crop quality.*

*DISCLAIMER: Not all the solutions can implement the schedulers. Please contact M2M Connectivity for further information.

Key Features

  • Extreme range wireless operation even if buried underground
  • Faster installation (no more burden with cable selection)
  • Works on any standard irrigation valve brands
  • IP68 enclosure

Additional information