Eden Worth Sigfox eco-DIGITAL


The Eden Worth eco-DIGITAL provides a quick & simple way to connect digital devices.

The default unit provides simple digital reading on a preset interval. Other input types and applications may require custom application development – contact M2M Connectivity directly for cost advice. (If any).

The eco-DIGITAL starter unit provides up to 10 years logging and reporting back to the network using a highly stable LISOCL chemistry power source. (Sensors may require own supply)


  • GPIO (External buffering required to drive loads etc)
  • Event capture
  • SDI-12, I2C, UART options

Key Features

  • Frequency bands: 915Mhz (License-free ISM band)
  • Output power: up to +22.5 dBm
  • Range: up to 10km
  • Downlink configuration (subscription option)
  • Operating ambient temperature: -20°C – +65°C
  • Mounting: Universal pole/wall bracket
  • Dimensions: 80w x 150h x 55d mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 165g
  • Housing: IP65 (IP67 Option)
  • Standards: AS/NZS 4268, AS/NZS 60950
  • Power supply: through Li-SOCl2 battery
  • Lifespan: up to 10 years (dependant on data payloads and data transmission frequency)

Additional information