Heritage GPRS Modem Kit from Maestro Wireless Solutions

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Maestro HB10

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The Heritage GPRS modem from Maestro Wireless Solutions combines a base unit offering GSM/GPRS/EDGE technologies in an Industrial grade design with pluggable boards catering for diverse Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.

This modular and scalable design concept also features a powerful operating system offering Download Over The Air capabilities and other unique embedded applications.  Being customisable both in terms of hardware and software, the Heritage modem is the best tailored solution in direct response to customer needs.

Key Features

  • Free Softool Software embedded on Modem
  • OpenAT Compatible – write own software in Wavecom OpenAT
  • Based on Wavecom Q26 module
  • Expansion Boards including Industrial Grade I/Os, Ethernet, GPS
  • Comes as kit with antenna, power supply, serial cable, Din clip, and SmartPack software bundle
  • Software features include AUTOTCP, AT Command Over SMS, DOTA


Product Order Number:

Maestro HB10