Maestro Heritage GPRS Modem Softool

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The Heritage Softool from Maestro Wireless Solutions is provided free of charge on the Heritage Modem.

The Maestro Heritage SofTool configuration software is a small Windows application that let you easily setup and test your modem. This tool includes all the important features of the SofTool in a smooth and clean GUI.

This software is a trusted Microsoft ClickOnce application and requires that your computer is up to date (including Windows updates and latest .NET framework).

Download the file below to launch the installation process. Please follow the instructions, it will prompt you to update .NET libraries, and then install the application. The installation process will create a shortcut on your Desktop.

Key Features

  • Automatic and self-recovery TCP/UDP socket connection
  • Remote AT command through SMS
  • AT commands specific for individual plug-in boards
  • Call screening (reject calls from unauthorized numbers)
  • Remote program updating
  • “Command String” programming scripts
  • PING
  • Dynamic DNA
  • TCP Terminal


Product Order Number: