Hirschmann GPS2400 Tri-Mode Antenna

Product Order Number:
H 602 392-001


Hirschmann GPS 2400 Combined Antenna supports GPS, 3G and WiFi in a screw-mount antenna designed for use in telematics applications

The cellular antenna supports all GSM and 3G network frequencies in Australia (Penta-band) together with WLAN and GPS in a robust external housing and can be mounted on many surfaces (e.g. plastics, metal).

It is ideal for fleet management systems, navigation, and telematics applications needing WLAN.

Key Features

  • Penta-band cellular (850Mhz | 900Mhz | 1800Mhz | 1900Mhz | 2100 Mhz)
  • Tri-mode GPS | 3G | WLAN in one housing
  • Robust external screw-mount
  • 3m cable
  • IP rated (IP66)


Product Order Number:

H 602 392-001