Hirschmann RAS 1575 SMT – GPS Receiver Antenna Module

Product Order Number:
H RAS 1575 SMT



The Hirschmann RAS 1575 SMT is a SMT reflow processable OEM L-1-Band (A)GPS receiver module based on a CSR SirfStarIVTM GPS PVT engine (GSD4e chip ROM variant) and an embedded omni-directional GPS antenna.

The receiver chip integrates a LNA, SAW and a 2,4 GHz notch filter. The module brings already the performance governing TCXO and also a 32 kHz RTC. It has an ultra small form factor of 9.6 x 14.0 mm, the height is 3.0 mm nominal (3.2 mm max). The RAS 1575 SMT module provides low power and very fast TTFF together with weak signal acquisition and tracking capability. The module provides complete signal processing from antenna input to host port in either NMEA messages or in SiRF OSP binary protocol. The module requires a single power supply VDD = +1.8 V. The host port is configurable to UART, SPI or I2C during power up.

The embedded GPS antenna provides good radiation efficiency (typ. 80% on a 80 x 40 mm ground plane), linear polarization and radiation pattern optimised for portable devices. RAS 1575 SMT module supports also optional connectivity for an external antenna signal (e.g. connector for an external high performance GPS active patch antenna) with only a few external components.

Key Features

  • Ultra high sensitivity frontend without the need of active antenna
  • High-sensitivity navigation engine (PVT) tracks as low as -165 dBm
  • 48 track verification channels
  • SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, QZSS and others)
  • Average of 50 to 500 μA to maintain hot start capability
  • < 10 mW required for TricklePower mode
  • Integrated pre-selection SAW filter at antenna port
  • Integrated notch filter attenuates unwanted energy at 2.4 GHz
  • In-band jammers removal up to 80 dB-Hz
  • Tracks up to 8 CW jammers
  • 1-SV fast time sync for rapid UTC update
  • Smart sensor I2C interface
  • Embedded Data logger
  • Measurement smoothing for pedestrians mode
  • A-GPS (free 3-days CGEE and 14days SGEE; expandable to 31 days SGEE)


Product Order Number:

H RAS 1575 SMT