InterCEL eSAM 3G Ethernet Router

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Int eSAM

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The eSAM industrial 3G Ethernet router is easy to operate. By just plugging into power, the eSAM will connect to the mobile operator’s high-speed wireless network performing data communications functions between a wired local area network (LAN) and the WCDMA 3G cellular network (WAN).

The eSAM provides auto-sensing, which is an Auto Uplink 10/100 LAN Ethernet port that can connect directly to a computer, wireless router or switch, without the need for crossover cables.

The eSAM can access the world wide web through the 3G network. It’s environmental qualities, notably its wide temperature range of operation, robustness and throughput performances, make it a perfect tool for industrial applications like metering, telemetry or security monitoring.

Key Features

  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Wireless CCTV Application
  • Telematics Applications
  • Kiosk / POS
  • Backup Communication Channel


Product Order Number:

Int eSAM