Kerlink Wirnet™ Station 923 MHz

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The LoRa gateway for IoT chain is a gateway designed to be a part of the global Long Range Radio fix network, to provide M2M connectivity link between low power end-points and Internet Access.

The Wirnet™ Station 923 MHz is based on a high impact resistant polycarbonate (IK8) wall mounting cabinet that withstand harsh industrial and outdoor environments. It is rated IP67.
It offers excellent flammability rating (UL94-V0), good UV resistance and also good chemical resistance.
The dimensions are 231 mm x 125 mm x 60 mm, with a weight of about 2Kg (including mounting kit). The opening system is simple: clipping (screwing is optional). The temperature operating range is from -20°c to +60°C.

Key Features

  • 915-928 MHz ISM band LongRange™ bidirectional communications capabilities
  • Embedded, remote and open low power communication station
  • Open development framework based on standard Linux OS
  • WAN connectivity over GPRS | EDGE | 3G or Ethernet


Product Order Number: