Waspmote Mote Runner 6LoWPAN 2.4GHz Dev Kit



IBM and Libelium have joined efforts to offer a unique IPv6 development platform for sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). By integrating the IBM Mote Runner SDK on top of Libelium Waspmote sensor platform we get a unique and powerful tool for developers and researchers interested in 6LoWPAN / IPv6 connectivity for the Internet of Things. This 6LoWPAN Development Platform suits developers with good programming skills.

This comprehensive Lab Kit includes:

–  5x Waspmote Runner End Device
–  1x Waspmote Runner Gateway
–  1x Atmel AVR Programmer (with USB cable)
–  1x Gases Board
–  1x O2 Sensor
–  1x Humidity Sensor
–  1x CO Sensor
–  1x CO2 Sensor
–  1x Events Board
–  1x Temperature Sensor
–  1x Presence Sensor (PIR)
–  1x Luminosity LDR Sensor
–  1x Smart Cities Board
–  1x Dust Sensor – PM-10
–  1x Smart Metering Board
–  1x Ultrasound sensor (indoor)
–  1x Current sensor 0 – 100 A
–  1x Agriculture PRO Board
–  1x Soil Temperature Sensor
–  1x Weather Station WS-3000 (anemometer + wind vane + pluviometer)
–  1x Prototyping Board
–  2x GPS Module
–  1x Rigid Solar Panel 7 V – 500 mA
–  1x Flexible Solar Panel 7.2 V – 100 mA

Features of the new Waspmote Mote Runner – 6LoWPAN Development Platform:
– Get IPv6 connectivity in each node
– 6LoWPAN stack source code available
– Program the nodes in Java and C#
– More than 60 sensors off the shelf and ready to be used
– Simulate thousand of motes working in the
same network

A more basic Waspmote Mote Runner Networking Kit is also available.


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