M2M Dual Serial + GPS IESM Expansion Card for FXT Modems

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Acc-Serial | GPS IESM




The M2M Fastrack Xtend Dual Serial Port IESM Board offers the ultimate in flexibility providing two additional serial ports for the FXT modems. The IESM board also includes a high accuracy Sierra Wireless XM0110 GPS Chipset (using the SiRFstar 4 GPS chipset) for accurate location services. A core use for the IESM board is to add a secondary satellite communications link to your FXT cellular modem.

Adding satellite connectivity over Iridium SBD or Orbcomm 2-way allows you to extend the use of the modem beyond cellular coverage without the need to move to a whole new platform.  Further we will be offering a configuration software option for the FXT modem to allow you to set up LCR rules for managing data.

The Fastrack Xtend Dual Serial Port IESM Board comes with a custom back-plate for the FXT modem and a dual serial cable to connect to the IESM board.  Accessories are available for both Iridium and Orbcomm modules.

Key Features

  • Dual Serial Ports (total 3 serial ports for FXT modem)
  • SiRFstar4 chipset – higher accuracy GPS (Sierra Wireless XM0110)
  • Works with FXT003 and FXT009 modems
  • Full range of accessories to add satellite


Product Order Number:

Acc-Serial | GPS IESM