Lantronix MicroTracker MT-01 (Rev 2)

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MWS MT-01 (Rev 2)

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The Maestro Wireless Solutions MicroTracker MT-01 (Rev 2) combines GSM/GPRS and GPS technologies in an industrial, compact grade design. Its exceptionally small footprint (featuring embedded antennas and a single port connector) make it easy to fit into vehicles with limited space. The Maestro MicroTracker provides key features for fleet management applications including reporting of position, speed, mileage and ignition of the vehicle. It is a very small, industrially-designed, worldwide-certified modem, ideal for low-cost tracking applications.

The MT-01 uses the latest Maestro GPS SiRFstarIV A2100-A chipset offering high sensitivity and performance. The MicroTracker also provides intelligent device management features and functionality, including firmware and software upgrades and vehicle diagnostics. It’s well-defined parser make it easy to integrate into your back-end application server.

This product is available for service providers with their own tracking applications looking for a low-cost, accurate GPS tracking modem to marry with their tracking solution. Using the MT-01 tracker and the parser, a service provider can get to market quickly and with minimal hardware integration work.

We supply the standard kit with battery back-up unit and cables. There is a version of the MT-01 coming which offers the option to include an accelerometer and magnetometer.

Key Features

  • Light, compact, industrial-grade design
  • Easy to conceal
  • Embedded GSM and GPS antennas
  • Single 10-pin connector
  • Cutting edge SiRFstarIV GPS technology
  • GPRS & GPS LED status indicator
  • Battery back-up (BBU) included in standard kit
  • Optional accelerometer and magnetomer
  • Intelligent device management over the air


Product Order Number:

MWS MT-01 (Rev 2)