Lantronix M100 3GXT – RS485 Modem

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MWS M1003GXT02-RS485

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This product will soon be End of Life – please contact your salesperson directly for enquiries.

The Maestro M100 3GXT RS485 modem provides 3G/HSDPA connectivity together for RS485 in an affordable package designed for demanding M2M applications. The M100 3GXT RS485 can be easily integrated into any industrial machinery. They are fully type approved, and are the perfect devices to use in any projects facing tough conditions or extended lifetime requirements.

The Maestro Smart Pack is loaded in all M100 series modems to ease device set up and network registration. This applications includes much needed features for system integrators such as auto-baud rate detection, auto TCP/UDP connection, self-healing protocol in case of network failure and more. Further configuration software packages are available to support GPS location services.

The modem is supplied with unterminated power cord and USB cable. Accessories available include GPS/3G antennas, power supplies, and serial cable.

Key Features

  • M100 3GXT04 for Telstra NextG, M100 3GXT02 for Optus
  • Dual-band UMTS (900/2100 or 850/2100)
  • RS485
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Open AT programmable, and full configuration options


Product Order Number:

MWS M1003GXT02-RS485 | MWS M1003GXT04-RS485