Maxtena GPS – M1575 HCT-TMG-SMA – Active Antenna

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The M1575HCT-TMG-SMA is a high-performance L1 Active GPS antenna designed for precision surveying and timing applications. The antenna features 23 dB of amplifier gain coupled with narrowband filtering providing >55dB rejection from 30 MHz above and below the L1 center frequency.

The integrated high linearity LNAs provide both a very low noise figure (<1.5dB) and very high input IP3 (13 dBm). The antenna element is built on proprietary Maxtena HeliCore® technology. HeliCore® technology key features include a unique noise immune balanced design, exceptional axial ratio even at low elevation angles, compact size, light weight, and high degree of integration with active circuitry. These features make M1575HCT-TMG-SMA capable of receiving a clear GPS signal even in very RF congested environments with out-of-band interference levels up to 50 V/m.

Key Features

  • Exceptional pattern bandwidth
  • Superior out-of-band rejection
  • 50 V/m jamming resistant
  • Very low noise figure
  • Ground plane independent
  • SMA connector
  • Ultra lightweight


Product Order Number: