Sierra Wireless MC5725V Module

Product Order Number:
SW MC5725V




The MC5725V has reached End of Life (EOL). Sierra Wireless now offer the pin compatible AirPrime MC5728V Intelligent Embedded Module.

The dual-band MC572V PCI Express Mini Card, built using the MSM6800™ Mobile Station Modem™ chipset from QUALCOMM, offers peak download data rates of 3.1Mbps and peak upload rates of 1.8Mbps over CDMA EV-DO Revision A networks.

To provide coverage in areas where a CDMA EV-DO Revision A network connection is not available, the MC5725V module is also compatible with widely available CDMA EV-DO Release 0 and 1X networks and will seamlessly switch without interrupting the user.

The addition of voice capabilities on the MC5725V module, makes the MC5725V an ideal option for customers enabling voice capabilities on their devices.

Key Features

  • Voice support
  • Peak download data rates of 3.1Mbps
  • Peak upload rates of 1.8Mbps
  • Drop-in compatible with 3G module
  • PRI settings available for major US carriers


Product Order Number:

SW MC5725V