Outdoor WiFi Router

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The NTC-30WV Outdoor WiFi Router is designed to provide high-speed Internet connectivity to industries, businesses and remote unmanned installations on the fringe of cellular networks or in rural/metro areas with low service. It connects to the 3G network and can be mounted either on the wall or a pole and positioned in an optimal position on the outside of a property.

The Outdoor WiFi Router’s powerful antenna system can greatly boost reception and the device combines a cellular modem, Wireless LAN access point and telephone adapter together in one unit for use in an outdoor location.

The embedded cellular modem delivers peak data downloads of up to 21Mbps (HSPA+), which are routed via Ethernet connection inside the premise. With the integrated 802.11n WiFi access point and MIMO antenna technology, the Outdoor WiFi Router can provide reliable WiFi coverage in the proximity of the premise for convenient outdoor Internet access.

The integrated telephone adapter connects standard analogue phone handsets to the Outdoor WiFi Router. It allows for phone calls to be made over the 3G UMTS network from inside the premise for a full landline replacement.

Key Features

  • Industrial-grade outdoor fixed wireless data gateway for rugged deployments
  • IP67 and environmentally rated chassis to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Embedded high-performance 3G cellular modem supporting HSPA+/ EDGE/GPRS
  • Ideal for providing primary and backup wireless connectivity over 3G UMTS networks
  • Extended temperature tolerance in operation
  • 2.4 GHz band wireless LAN access point with 2×2 MIMO antenna technology
  • IEEE 802.11n standard for WiFi data speeds up to 300Mbps
  • Built-in VPN clients for a secure connection over public network
  • Analogue telephone connectivity (CS Voice) for complete landline replacement
  • Alternative DC power input available as a optional extra

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