Plug & Sense! LoRaWAN


Libelium has added LoRaWAN long-range wireless coverage to the Plug and Sense! Modem family, integrating Semtech’s LoRa™ RF technology to work on LoRaWAN Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.
Libelium’s Plug & Sense! LoRaWAN works LoRaWAN AS923 which is the preferred solution for Australia nd NZ LoRaWAN roll-outs. The 900 MHz frequency low frequency used in AS923 provides great penetration through materials (brick walls, trees, concrete), so experience less signal loss where obstacles are present. This LoRaWAN communication protocol extends wireless connectivity so that the sensors can transmit data at distances of several kilometres in built up areas and beyond 15 kilometres in open spaces.

To view the Waspmote Plug & Sense overview for LoRa RF, please click here.

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