RIIM Modules for Australia and NZ. RC1882CEF-IPM (14dBm) and RC1892HPCF-IPM (27dBm)


The RC1892HPCF-IPM is a series of high power sub-1 GHz programmable ultra-low power module for RIIM (Radiocrafts Industrial IP Mesh). It is based on the open radio standard IEEE802.15.4 g/e, and implements IPv6 internet addressing with support for UDP, CoAP and encryption. The RC18x2HP-IPM is used to implement all the nodes in the network including leaf nodes, wireless router nodes and root-node/border routers. The module incudes ICI, the intelligent C-programmable I/O, along with all neccesary drivers and the operating system. ICI allows the user to program his own intelligent sensor/actuator inteface, or any other applciation with minimal effort. The programming capability of the module makes it possible to interface to any sensor/actuator or combination of sensors/actuators.Thereby, removing the need for an additional MCU to reduce overall cost and power consumption.

  • Multi-hop mesh technology
  • Self building and self healing network
  • OTA Updates
  • Long RF range
  • Ultra-low power for coin cell battery of energy harvesting
  • Pre-certified radio
  • Automatic acknowledge and retransmission

Modules RC1882CEF-IPM(14dBm) & RC1892HPCF-IPM(27dBm)

Data Sheet

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