Sendum Gang Charger for PT300

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Convenient ‘Eight-Pack’ Charging Unit for PT300-Series Trackers

The PT300 Battery Gang Charger can simultaneously charge up to eight PT300 Sensor Packs, all in one convenient and organised desktop (or wall mounted) apparatus.

The BFA10181 plugs into any wall receptacle and can be easily adapted for international electrical requirements. Use it to quickly charge up your PT300-series hardware prior to deployment in the field. Or install it as a convenient storage unit, that neatly keeps both Sensor Pack and Command Modules together.

The BFA10181 features a 8.5 Amp capacity that enables it to charge packs up to three times faster than by using a single charger method.

Key Features

  • Can charge up to eight Basic or Advanced Sensor Packs (for use with PT300-series devices)

  • Charges up to three times faster than single-charger methods

  • Charger block supports international electrical receptacles (just replace the cord)

  • Charger holds both Sensor Pack and Command Module hardware

  • Unit can be used on the desktop or wall-mounted


Product Order Number: