Sierra Wireless Fastrack Xtend + Satellite Modem

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SW FXT Satellite




M2M Connectivity offer the Sierra Wireless Fastrack Xtend FXT009 and FXT003 programmable gateways in a complete kit with GPS and an integrated satellite modem, support software, and all accessories.

The  Fastrack Xtend + Satellite Modem Kit provides the FXT009/FXT003 programmable modem to communicate over cellular networks, coupled to an Orbcomm or Iridium satellite modem to provide two-way data communications when out of cellular coverage.

We supply the modem, IESM Daughter board, power, cables and antennas, together with configuration software to configure the modem for cellular + satellite communications.

If you need help with satellite subscriptions we can assist and work with a number of partners providing these services.

Key Features

  • Cellular and satellite integrated
  • Can add satellite just for units that leave cellular coverage
  • Configuration software to make routing of data easy


Product Order Number:

SW FXT Satellite