SkyWave Vessel Monitoring Solution (VMS) Kit


The SkyWave Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) kit is designed to simplify the development and deployment of VMS solutions.
Pre-certified by the Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), the kit delivers the components required to facilitate integration of a vessel tracking solution – hardware, terminal application, and services – all from a single provider at competitive prices.

Included in the kit:
Satellite Communications Terminal: The IDP-690 is an environmentally sealed device that delivers connectivity to marine vessels over the IsatData Pro satellite data service anywhere in the world to enable vessel tracking and security, ship-to-shore communications as well as regulatory compliance. A pole or rail mounting kit for the IDP-690 is included.

Embedded Terminal Application: The VMS Agent is a configurable software application pre-installed on the IDP-690 terminal. It allows for periodic and event-based reporting, GPS position reports, geofence alerts, system status reports, data logging and two-way e-mail capabilities as well as remote configuration.

Interface Unit: The SVM-610 is the Interface Unit that relays status information to the vessel operator via LED indicators to convey power status, terminal connection status, satellite connectivity and GPS availability. The Interface Unit can connect to a computer through serial port to allow for system diagnostics/updates and e-mail capabilities.

Key Features

  • Periodic reporting – messages are delivered at pre-configured intervals
  • Event-based reporting – notifications sent when specific or multiple tampering events are detected
  • Geofences – up to 128 geofences can be defined on the IDP terminal
  • E-mail – text-based, two-way e-mail capabilities are available using SMTP and POP3 protocols
  • Data logging – up to 25,000 messages can be stored on the IDP terminal
  • Remote configuration analysis – configuration and system updates can be performed remotely over the air