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L WM SAgri

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Libelium’s agriculture sensor boards can be used for many applications in Smart Agriculture, including:

  • Precision Agriculture – Leaf wetness, fruit diameter
  • Irrigation Systems – Soil moisture, leaf wetness
  • Greenhouses – Solar radiation, humidity, temperature
  • Weather Stations – Anemometer, wind vane, pluviometer

Libelium Sensors suitable for such applications include:

Air Temperature | Humidity
Soil Temperature | Moisture
Leaf Wetness
Atmospheric Pressure
Solar Radiation – PAR
Ultraviolet Radiation – UV
Trunk Diameter
Stem Diameter
Fruit Diameter
Wind Vane

For a detailed description of the Agriculture Board, (including the hardware, the sensors that can be attached and information on programming an application using the Waspmote API libraries) please click here.


Product Order Number:

L WM SAgri