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IDP SCADAconnect

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Securely Connect Remote SCADA Sites & Enterprise Systems with SCADAconnect on Inmarsat’s IDP network.

SCADAconnect is an end-to-end solution providing plug-and-play connectivity between remote SCADA PLCs and enterprise systems for the oil & gas, utilities, heavy equipment and industrial automation markets.

The comprehensive solution provides a secure wireless communication link for efficient, low-latency periodic and exception-based reporting of real-time mission-critical data from remote sites—all while reducing the costs, development time and risks usually associated with remote SCADA connectivity implementations.

SCADAconnect works as a 3-part solution:

Asset Gateway: Connects to a SCADA Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) or Intelligent Edge Device (IED) using the native communication protocol for that device. Business rules are customised to send only mission-critical data over the network.

Communication Device: Wireless connectivity is provided by SkyWave’s IsatData Pro satellite network and IDP satellite and satellite-cellular terminals that are configured to provide the wide area connection between the Asset Gateway and the SCADA Enterprise Gateway.

Enterprise Gateway: Configurable and presents the data from remote sites in the format and methods expected by the customer’s enterprise system.

The SCADA Connection Webinar
: Learn how one city was able to wirelessly connect remote water and wastewater sites to the main SCADA system using SkyWave’s SCADAconnect.

Key Features

  • Increased visibility
  • Always-on connection
  • Off the shelf end-to-end integration and graphical user interface for easy configuration
  • Reduce communication costs by up to 80%


Product Order Number:

IDP SCADAconnect