Thinxtra Sigfox Xkit Developer Kit

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Sigfox Xkit



The perfect way to get started with Sigfox, the Thinxtra development Xkit boasts a full suite of features and accessories to empower anyone to set up an IoT solution, even with very little hardware experience.The Xkit has everything you need, and enables start-ups, device makers, design houses, universities and schools to quickly set up a prototype or proof of concept.

Included in the box:

  • The Thinxtra Shield, with embedded sensors: temperature, pressure, light, shock and 3D accelerometer, 2 LEDs and 1 push button, 1 USB port
  • Arduino Uno R3 board clone (already plugged in the shield)
  • External 8.5 cm antenna for best performance
  • USB cable (plugs into a Raspberry Pi or PC or to re-flash the Arduino board)
  •  Battery holder (so the kit is independent of any external power source or computer)
  • 1-year connectivity on the Sigfox global network
  • 1- year warranty. See the Thinxtra disclaimer.

Product Order Number:

Sigfox Xkit

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