The Q4000 Orbcomm | GPS modem is a small, low profile, flexible and user friendly Orbcomm satellite modem integrated with a 50-channel GPS receiver and on-board microprocessor and memory.

The Q4000 Orbcomm + GPS comes with a fully supported application programmer’s interface (API) allowing developers and integrators to utilise the functions of the Q4000 to create customised on-board applications. The API comes with al the necessary tools to write, compile, and load custom applications onto the Q4000.

Key Features

  • Orbcomm + GPS Modem
  • Full API to develop customized applications
  • Real time clock
  • 2 Serial Ports
  • 2 configurable digital I/O
  • Orbcomm and GPS antenna detection standard
  • Quake Tools – configure hardware easily
  • Sample configurable application (use for simple tracking)
  • CanBus optional
  • 2MB memory standard (optional 4 and 8MB versions)


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