The compact RC11x0-KNX module is designed for Home and Building Automation systems using the wireless KNX protocol as defined by the KNX Association.

The embedded protocol supports KNX-RF 1.1 and KNX Ready, and KNX 2 (supporting KNX MULTI communication),  and can be used for unidirectional and bidirectional devices, also in battery operated systems. It conforms to EN 50090 (ISO | IEC 14543-3). KNX is one of the leading standards for home and building control. The interest for such systems is increasing, meeting the demands for energy saving technology. Radiocrafts provides customers with an easy transition to KNX with compatible products using the new KNX product series.

The RC11x0-KNX module makes Interoperation between Wireless M-Bus and KNX RF possible. There are versions of the module operating in the 433, 868, and 902-928 MHz band, using Listen Before Talk (LBT) to reduce collisions. One receiver can be linked with up to 64 transmitters, enabling very large RF networks. The RC11x0-KNX can be used with S, A and E modes of installation and features automatic battery supervision and signal strength information.

Measuring only 12.7mm x 25.4mm x 3.3mm, the RC11x0-KNX1 module is a surface-mounted high performance transceiver module, and can easily be integrated into any sensor or actuator. A UART interface is used for serial communication and configuration. An antenna is connected directly to the RF pin. The KNX1 is the first feature set in a family of KNX products that will also include RF repeaters and media couplers.

Key Features

  • Supports S, A, and E modes
  • KNX product can receive M-Bus and KNX data on single receiver
  • RC11x0-KNX1 and KNX2 are worlds smallest KNX-RF modules
  • Module is designed for home and building automation
  • Versions for 433, 868, and 902-928 MHz bands


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