Radiocrafts offers a USB stick format product to developers to work with Wireless M-­Bus, KNX RF, ZigBee and TinyMesh embedded modules.  These USB sticks can include modules for come with protocols for Wireless ­MBUS, KNX RF, ZigBee, TinyMesh, and RC232.  Modules available for 433MHz, 868MHz, 900MHz and 2450MHz frequencies.

The Radiocrafts PC Tools (CCT, SA-­Spectrum Analyser and KNX RF and MBUS Demo) works directly with the USB stick. The driver for the onboard USB controller is installed together with the PC Tools (available to download form Radiocrafts website)

For ZigBee developers, an onboard 2×5 pins connector is available for connection to a CC debugger.

Key Features

  • Protocols for Wireless ­MBUS, KNX RF, ZigBee, TinyMesh, and RC232.
  • Radiocrafts PC Tools work directly with the USB stick
  • FCC certified with ZigBee High Power (RC2400HP)


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