Coming soon – Firmware for pulse counting.

Radiocrafts new TinyMesh firmware will support pulse counting for straightforward integration to a pulse source such as pulse water meters.  It will also feature sleep mode with the module to be woken up by events, for low energy consumption and enabling battery power.

The RC2500 HP TM RF Transceiver Modules are compact surface-mounted high performance modules for wireless mesh networking applications. The modules feature a fully embedded mesh/multi-hop protocol with automatic network forming and self-healing features. Serial application data is entered on the UART port and transported automatically to the desired destination node without further interaction from any external processor. The modules are completely shielded and pre-certified for operation in world-wide license free bands.

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Alarm and security systems
  • Telemetry stations
  • Fleet management
  • Asset tracking
  • Street lighting control and monitoring

Key Features

  • Embedded TinyMeshTM networking protocol with bidirectional RF data transfer
  • Self forming and self healing network
  • Small size (12.7 x 25.4 x 3.3 mm), shielded and optimised for SMD mounting
  • Two-wire UART interface for easy RS232 | RS422 | RS485 wire replacement (handshake optional)
  • No external components
  • Configurable analogue and digital I/O in Packet Mode
  • RSSI and network connect LED outputs for easy installation
  • IPv4- and IPv6-addressing via standard low-cost external controller running TCP | IP stack
  • Wide supply voltage range, 2.0 – 3.9 V
  • RC2500(HP)-TM complies with EN 300 228 (Europe), FCC CFR 47 part 15 (US) and ARIB STD-T66 (Japan)
  • Pulse counter with configurable debounce time and detection feedback output


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