RCTools is a powerful and easy to use PC suite that helps you during test, development and deployment of the Radiocrafts modules. The RCTools includes stand alone applications running under windows .Net Framework. The RCTools is free of charge and easily installed (including .NET and driver for USB level shifter) by running the setup files available in the download section.

MBUS-DEMO is designed to demonstrate a wireless MBUS system using the RC1140-MBUS or RC1180 module development kit. The program enables Module Quick setup, MBUS Packet generator, MBUS Packet Sniffer and an Installation tool for the MBUS2 feature set.

Key Features

  • easy to use PC suite
  • includes stand alone applications running under windows .Net Framework
  • demonstrate wireless MBUS system with RC1140-MBUS module development kit


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RCTools MBUS Demo

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