M2M and IoT Device Management Services

M2M and IoT Device Management Services


M2M Connectivity can assist with device management and the use of device management platforms to support any number of devices deployed in the field.  Increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs by provisioning  and enabling remote monitoring, manage configurations, control settings, and automate software deployments of any number of m2m devices in use.  M2M Connectivity will assess device management requirements case by case for the best possible outcome.

Examples of our work

Sierra Wireless AirVantage Management Services (AVMS)


M2M Connectivity offers remote device management to many Sierra Wireless products.This service (IDS) allows the maintenance of firmware & software on modems/modules in the field through OTA updates.  The Sierra Wireless AirVantage™ Management Services (AVMS), a secure cloud-based device management solution that enables you to remotely monitor and securely upgrade the application software running on AirPrime Intelligent Embedded Modules and AirLink modems. It enables remote diagnosis and software upgrades, and it can save you considerable operating costs.

Remote diagnosis enables the running of sanity checks and configuring of devices, the monitoring of the wireless network quality and the compilation of traffic reports for analysis.

Software upgrade services include: delta generation: download only the code for faster download and reduce data volume; upgrade process for multiple devices; real time campaign monitoring; and reports.

Libelium Sensor Networks


M2M Connectivity works with the Libelium Smart Sensor platforms used successfully around the world . The Libelium Smart Sensor platforms enable system integrators to deploy a heterogeneous wireless sensor network with a combination of sensor boards for Smart Environment applications.

M2M Connectivity can assist with firmware uprgrades and remote configuration of sensor devices.  Data collected can be sent to existing SQL databases or the emerging new M2M platform services such as Thingworx or Axeda or MQTT.

Satellite Services Device Management


M2M Connectivity can assist with the managment of devices for m2m communications on the following Satellite Systems:

  • INMARSAT for 2-way short burst data (IDP) through to full IP connectivity (BGAN and BGAN M2M), all on a global coverage network,
  • IRIDIUM low cost two way data communications services through low earth orbit (LEO) satellites and accompanying ground infrastructure,
  • GLOBALSTAR Simplex satellite data services, an affordable one way satellite data deliveryservice across Australia and New Zealand.

M2M Connectivity’s satellite device management solutions enable the remote monitoring and diagnostics and software upgrades of devices deployed anywhere in the field.

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