Replaced by Sierra Wireless AirLink™ FX100 penta band HSPA+ model

The Sierra Wireless AirLink™ Fastrack Xtend HSPA programmable gateway provides a highly extendable platform for the creation of a wide range of M2M solutions on 3G/NextG/HSPA.

The Xtend modem features a slot for adding expansion cards, enabling you to add extra functionalities. There is an optional battery backup-unit as well. Fastrack Xtend comes with both RS232 and USB interfaces, and provides twin antennae supporting RX diversity for 3G models. Expansion cards are available for adding additional IO, GPS, Ethernet, Wavenis/Coronis or developers can design their own.  It is powered via an external power supply and if the optional battery is used it can be powered via USB.

The modem comes with an unterminated popwer supply and USB cable.  If you need a 240v power supply or DB9-15 Serial cable these are available as accessories.

Key Features

  • Internal 64 Mb Flash and 16 Mb PSRAM
  • 2 GPIOs, 1 ON/OFF
  • 1 USB 2.0, 1 UART
  • Quad band GPRS/EDGE, Tri-band HSDPA/HSUPA
  • Optional BBU allows charging via USB
  • Expansion cards add additional IO, GPS, Ethernet, Wavenis/Coronis

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