SkyWave offers low-cost, easy-to-integrate satellite communications for monitoring vehicles and industrial equipment.

SkyWave’s packaged modems provide reliable satellite connectivity over Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro network to a variety of industrial assets in remote locations including vehicles, heavy equipment and fixed assets used in oil & gas applications.

The IDP 280 delivers a simplified architecture for off-the-shelf, low-cost two-way satellite messaging and does not support SkyWave applications or Lua scripting, unlike the IDP 600 series. An intuitive AT Command set is available for quick integration with external PLCs and general purpose controllers.

It is, however, designed be used in conjunction with the the ORBCOMM SG-7100 cellular M2M gateway, for vehicle tracking and monitoring. Both of these ORBCOMM devices can be connected to a smart device operating a mobile fleet application, which offers dual-mode communications coverage nationwide.

The rugged IDP 280 is quick to deploy and comes with built-in GPS and standard antenna and power supply.


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