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Bring complex operations to life with unmatched visibility over your global asset ecosystem

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Connecting People, Systems & Things

AssetLink is a leader in satellite-enabled hardware and IoT systems implementation, design and manufacturing. Building best in class GPS satellite, cellular tracking and sensor-interface hardware, and deliver comprehensive hardware, data services and information access to industrial, Fortune 500 and government clients worldwide.

Best in class solutions combined with our growing provider ecosystem address the evolving needs of Fortune 500 and public sector organizations in industries including agriculture, heavy equipment & mining, oil & gas, maritime, and transportation.

AssetLink Solutions

M2M offer a broad range of options to make the AssetLink AP4 suitable for your business

– range of accessories including protective cages (including for ATEX)

– input cables, panic switches…

– connect sensors and inputs over Digital, Analog, RS232, ModBus

– device management software to manage settings on the device over the air

– OpsVision stand-alone solution for reporting location status of devices





Public Sector


Featured Products

Customer stories

AssetLink-Suriname-MaritimeM2M IoT Case StudiesMaritimeAssetLink Case StudiesSatellite Case Study

Case Study – AssetLink Global Deploys Small Vessel Monitoring Solution (SVMS)

This Small Vessel Monitoring Solution equips fishing vessels with satellite monitoring systems to track their location and route distress calls. 

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