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M2M Connectivity offers products for environmental monitoring including sensors to monitor ambient air, detecting levels of emissions, dust, gases, movement, humidity, temperature and moisture.

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Smart Environment or Environmental Monitoring is an ever-evolving area, which impacts a variety of industries including, but not limited to Agriculture, City Planning, Water Management and Public Health.

It involves gathering data from sensors placed in the environment with the intention of monitoring variables (such as pollution levels) and taking action depending on the results of the data.

Smart Environment applications include

Maintaining soil quality for crops

Soil condition monitoring sensors allow farmers to collect data about rainfall, temperature, and other metrics over time to track trends and predict irrigation needs.

Monitoring air quality

IoT technology is playing a key role in air pollution generally in cities and especially in human health, promises new air quality enhancement methods to increase citizens’ life expectancy where ever they live.

Perishable goods i.e. Cold Storage

The IoT has a critical role to play in addressing cold chain challenges by providing real-time visibility into shipment status, including location, temperature and other conditions, and in many cases allowing temperatures to be adjusted remotely.

Water quality

Water quality can be measured by collecting water samples for laboratory analysis or by using probes which can record data at a single point in time or logged at regular intervals over an extended period.

Waste Management

Smart waste management system is a system that gives prior information of the status of the bin to the municipality so that they can clean the bin on time and safeguard the environment.

Weather Monitoring

IoT Sensor enabled weather monitoring system can provide real-time monitoring of the atmosphere, such as its temperature, humidity, and weather conditions (clear, stormy, and so on).

IoT-enabled environment monitoring is helping transform operations across many industries – Collect, analyse and act on data from IoT-enabled sensors to remain on top of compliance, safety requirements and cost reductions.

We supply raw modules through to finished trackers devices, some with extended battery operation for up to 10 years

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