Smart Cities

M2M Connectivity supplies a wide range of M2M communication and IoT sensor network products for the growing demand in Smart city applications.

Smart Environment

M2M Connectivity offers products for environmental monitoring including sensors to monitor ambient air, detecting levels of emissions, dust, gases, movement, humidity, temperature and moisture.


M2M Connectivity offers a range of options for operators in the mining industry looking to realise the benefits of M2M communications to improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

Smart Utilities

M2M industrial automation and monitoring solutions, ideal for utility markets, enable data collection and transfer, remote configuration and download of applications, diagnostics, control, network connectivity and more.

Smart Agriculture

Applications involving wireless sensor networks using evolving communication technologies are being deployed in the agricultural industry to lower production costs and improve yield productivity.

Asset Monitoring and Tracking

M2M wireless products enable the tracking and monitoring your valuable assets in real-time while they are on the move or in fixed locations.

Fleet, Transportation and Telematics

M2M Fleet Management, Telematics and Transport solutions offer a cost effective means of managing your fleet of vehicles as well as the goods being transported in real time via a wireless network.

Security and Surveillance

Monitor security and surveillance systems over wireless networks with m2m solutions that provide low cost, rapid and easy installation.

Connected Healthcare and mHealth

M2M Connectivity supplies wireless products approved for the medical market covering Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G, and satellite. In addition we offers a complete web portal platform suited to the m-health industry.

Emergency Services

M2M Connectivity has a range of products to support the emergency services with clear voice and data communication with our range wireless of products.

Retail, Vending and Point of Sale

Wireless mobile POS/EFTPOS and monitoring of vending machine in real time, reduces costs, improves performance and eliminates unnecessary service calls using M2M Connectivity’s wireless products.

Digital Signage and Advertising

Digital signs and public information displays are managed via M2M wireless communications to provide up-to-the-minute relevant and timely information without the need for fixed phone lines rental costs.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

M2M & IoT solutions for Australian UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) industry. We offer a range of sensors & M2M wireless devices that enhance UAV realtime connectivity & robust response.