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Knowing where your assets are is often critical to business success

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About Fleet and Asset Monitoring

M2M Connectivity works with many tracking customers and developers of solutions for tracking of remote and mobile assets.  Examples of things we can help track include vehicles, containers, cargo/parcels, rolling stock, mobile assets (eg pumps, generators, variable message signs), even staff.

When looking at tracking requirements some of the key considerations are:

  • Which wireless technology to use (LPWAN v cellular v satellite)
  • Power source and use (battery v external power…)
  • GPS / GNSS / LBS positioning needs
  • Condition reporting on status of the asset or goods
  • Coverage – to get information wherever the goods are
  • Mapping and support systems
  • Overall costs

Our Brands

M2M Connectivity provides a range of wireless products for local and/or wide area asset monitoring/tracking with our range of cellular (4G/LTE, 3G), LPWAN, and Satellite products, along with our Design Services team who can assist with complex solutions and designing end-to-end systems to suit your unique needs.

Recommended Products

Recommended Products


Case Study - Mobile Workforce Solution Success Story

Sierra Wireless AirLink, Star Track, My Fleet and M2M Connectivity Mobile Workforce Solution Success Story: Star Track | Australia Post combine M2M Connectivity’s Design Services, MyFleet Software and Sierra Wireless AirLink modem technology for full fleet visibility.


Together, StarTrack and Australia Post form Australia’s most trusted freight and logistics provider, offering a comprehensive range of fast and efficient solutions. Star Track/Australia Post, a national Australian transport and logistics company, were in need of a GPS tracking and Fleet Telematics solution to increase utilisation of their assets and provide complete visibility of their trailers, at all times.

But with the STREGA Time-Controlled Wireless Emitter for Irrigation Valve, we make it possible for Municipalities in charge of landscape management to enjoy the benefits of advanced irrigation.


My Fleet utilised M2M Connectivity’s Design Services team to develop the software for the Sierra Wireless 3G AirLink Modem, to provide a robust trailer tracking solution, ideal for this application. MyFleet supplied 477 devices to Star Track/Australia Post and installed the solution across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth-based vehicles, as well as regional centres including Albury, Wagga Wagga, Gold Coast, and Tamworth in under a 12-week period.Star Track now have complete visibility of their trailer fleet and the ability to integrate electronic odometers into their back office and maintenance systems.


This means allocators, operations managers, and senior management can see the type and number of trailers sitting at each depot and customer site, giving them the intel to allocate jobs accordingly, increasing efficiency and reduce wasted costs and time.

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