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LPWAN (Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks) Solutions


An emerging technology designed specifically to benefit the millions of devices predicted to be connected to The Internet of Things (IoT) Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology uses available public radio spectrum to allow transmission of M2M/IoT data over long range with minimal power consumption and overheads.

Currently supporting both LoRaWAN, a MAC protocol for a high-capacity long-range and low power star network that the LoRa Alliance has standardised and SIGFOX a specific global series of networks designed and dedicated to the IoT; M2M Connectivity can provide hardware and services to aid in the construction of your own private IoT network or hardware that is compatible with Australian & New Zealand public LPWAN networks.

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José Torres presenting for TelSoc on LPWAN for the Internet of Things in Australia & New Zealand.

For access to the LoRaWAN Calculator, (example above) please contact Jose Torres:

M2M Connectivity Ecosystem around LoRaWAN

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