Track, Monitor and Control Remote Assets—Anytime, Anywhere

SkyWave satellite and satellite-cellular communications terminals, network and applications give you the power to manage vehicles, vessels, equipment and people at all times.  SkyWave provides a reliable link to be able track, monitor, control and manage valuable fixed and mobile assets almost anywhere in the world.

SkyWave’s satellite/satellite-cellular products and applications are used in a broad range of applications for remote asset management in the transportation, maritime, oil & gas, mining and utilities sectors.  From tracking trucks and vessels to monitoring fixed mining and SCADA equipment, SkyWave solutions are used in a multitude of tracking, monitoring and remote management applications world-wide.  Australia is proving to be a huge market for M2M SCADA satellite hardware and services and has the perfect geographic characteristics with opportunities in many markets.

For a visual of how satellite-enabled SCADA can perform common tasks remotely using our SCADA applications view the video – SCADA: Bringing it all together here.

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