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As Australia’s leading industrial IoT experts – backed by Semtech – we are proud to be at the fore of the next evolution in IoT connectivity – 5G.

As 5G coverage rolls out across Australia, we have brought together a comprehensive portfolio of 5G hardware and complementary connectivity and managed data services.

Why 5G?

5G delivers higher speed, lower latency and more stable connectivity. This unlocks the ability to deliver more data at higher speeds – across more devices. As 5G evolves, it will become the new standard for Massive and Critical IoT communication.

Since 2019, when 5G launched in Australia, it has evolved from consumer grade to industrial grade communication network.

Key advantages

For high speed

  • 1 ms latency
  • 100x faster than 4G
  • 100x more capacity – up to 1M devices per square kilometre
  • 10 to 100x data rates
  • 5+ years battery life

For low speed wide area coverage

  • Low power – 5+ years battery life
  • Seamless transition from LTE to 5G network
  • Greater network coverage
  • Targeted for IoT

Key applications

5G connections are expected to grow from 10 million at the end of 2019 to 1.8 billion by 2025. The next wave of 5G will support Ultra Reliable NR, Ultra Low Latency NR and Satellite. It has unlimited potential across industries, including manufacturing, public safety, supply chain management and AI.

5G is delivered in three ways:

  • Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC)
    Delivers energy efficient data transmission for wide-area devices. Ideal for smart metering. Includes NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies.
  • Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC)
    Delivers highest levels of reliability. Ideal for mission critical applications, including emergency services.
  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)
    Deliver large data rates at high speeds. Ideal for high-rate streaming or VR.

Let our experts guide you on your 5G journey

The upgrade path from 4G to 5G can be complex, but our in-house IoT experts can help you make this transition with ease.
With 10+ years in business, backed by Sierra Wireless, the breadth and depth of their knowledge is a direct benefit to our customers. Our strengths in bringing 5G technology to Australia include:
  • Deep experience in the technology, network and frequency detail behind cellular technology
  • Solutions expertise that spans every aspect of an IoT ecosystem
  • Direct access to a global portfolio of 5G hardware and devices
  • Integration expertise gained working with Australian business and industry

5G Hardware and Connectivity

M2M’s technology agonistic model allows you to keep your options open. Our expertise, combined with our access to a global portfolio of hardware and devices via Sierra Wireless, help us to maximise the benefits of 5G for our customers.

We supply 5G-compatible modems, modules, gateways, antennas and adaptors by leading manufacturers including Peplink and Sierra Wireless.

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5G connectivity

We deliver NBIoT and LTE 5G connections, including:

  • 5G SIMs – Connect your devices any of Australia’s 5G mobile networks. Standard, micro, embedded and industrial
  • 5G data plans -Mobile data plans tailored for M2M and IoT devices. Individual/Capped plans and Flexible/Group
  • IP Networks – Fully managed network connectivity with static IP, Internet Gateway, and VPN remote access
  • Control Centre – Dedicated control centre to assist you in the management of your 5G portfolio, including billing and thresholds.
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