AssetLink AssetPack Small Vessel Tracking Solution


The AssetLinkGlobal Small Vessel Tracking Solution Kit is an AssetPack-based solution designed to address the Fishing Vessel Monitoring Industry’s needs.

The solution consists of a ruggedised solar-powered global two-way asset tracking and sensor gateway, paired with the tamper and marine-grade panic switch mounted on a ruggedised magnet mounting bracket.  Data from the device can be delivered to any web application using a standard published API.

Key Features

  • Track and monitor any remote asset

  • Configurable reporting schedules –transmit location only when needed

  • Ensure continuous equipment operation with global connectivity and 10 year battery life even on low sunlight and frequent reporting

  • Multiple communication options –select from 100% truly global pole-to-pole Iridium satellite coverage, or from cellular network based on your business requirements

  • Receive immediate alerts upon entry and exit of locations/ zones with use of on-board geofences

  • Real-time sensor processing features for advanced analytics

  • Receive alerts, alarms and quickly identify problems as they occur; when device is removed, when asset is stolen and many more