Smart Utilities

M2M industrial automation and monitoring solutions, ideal for utility markets, enable data collection and transfer, remote configuration and download of applications, diagnostics, control, network connectivity and more.

Smart Utilities

The Internet of Things is helping water, electric, oil, and gas utilities to run their businesses more efficiently, supporting remote metering for both business and consumers, early detection of faults and leaks, better network management, remote management of SCADA networks, along with many more use cases.

M2M Connectivity support Utilities by offering fit for purpose LPWAN hardware (LoRaWANSigfox and Cat M1/NB-IoT) for low data rate remote monitoring needs. LPWAN technologies are driving many metering and monitoring use cases, offering low hardware and usage costs, wide area coverage and an ability to power a system for 5+ years off batteries.

We also support higher bandwidth use cases using 4G/LTE and IP over satellite (using BGAN and Certus modems) where IoT and M2M are key to monitoring and control applications within Utilities such as for PLC and SCADA systems.

M2M Connectivity provide modular and flexible solutions to fulfil needs of utility customers including:

  • Our range of LPWAN, cellular and satellite hardware and solutions to suit the Utilities market
  • M2M Design Services helping to select best fit technology for each project and supporting implementation and roll-out
  • Offering Managed Services to support utilities to manage their remote networks and control their costs (e.g. usage).

Smart Utilities applications include

Collect consumption data effortlessly

Put an end to time and money spent on manual on-site meter readings and data processing of water, gas and electricity consumption.

On-site visits required only for maintenance and repair!

Keeping an eye on operations at any kind of wind or solar energy installation is now easy and extremely cost effective. Remotely monitored, real-time sensors can detect any failure or abnormal decrease in energy

Monitor your back-up power facilities

A reliable battery back-up supply is crucial. It’s usually on hand to pick up the strain if the main power source fails, but what happens if the back-up battery has failed too? The result is a complete service breakdown. With the help of IoT monitoring solutions, companies can now monitor back-up power supply like never before.

Maintain stocks at optimum levels

Storage facilities are only useful if companies are able to accurately monitor stock levels. For most companies, the only solution currently available is manual checks, which are timeconsuming, costly and inefficient. The IoT provides a cost-effective solution for remote and accurate monitoring of tanks.

Monitor water facilities simply and remotely

It’s never been so easy to remotely measure water levels, pressure, turbidity, Ph, salinity, ORP, flow,
etc. to prevent overflows, track drinking water supply and monitor the wastewater network  and treatment operations.

M2M industrial automation and monitoring solutions, ideal for utility markets, enable data collection and transfer, remote configuration and download of applications, diagnostics, control, network connectivity and more.

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M2M Design Services comprises a team of highly skilled engineers and support staff focused on developing services to support integration for M2M/IoT applications, and providing managed services to support the on-going reliable operation of these solutions.

Integration services

Our in-house passionate Engineering team can help your company to integrate technology faster.

Managed services

Our team can help your company to manage your hardware, provide suitable mobile data & plans, manage your IoT network and provide monitor tool to predict events regardless the underneath technology.

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