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Pinpoint tracking for IoT assets
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Determining the precise location of assets without relying on cellular networks is business critical.

Using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and the Global Positioning System (GPS), our IoT experts can help you trace and track the assets with pinpoint precision.

Our GPS hardware and solutions can be deployed to many environments. Common applications include remote asset tracking, wearables and autonomous vehicles.

Why GNSS and GPS?

GNSS and GPS work in tandem. The main difference is that GNSS-compatible equipment can use navigational satellites beyond the GPS system – increasing receiver accuracy and reliability.

GPS is invaluable to an IoT device because it can indicate location, altitude, speed, time, and direction. GNSS offer global coverage with support of GPS, GLONASS and QZSS.

Key advantages

  • Ubiquitous – global networks readily available and proven
  • Reliable service – positioning, navigation, and timing services always-on
  • Customisable – GPS data is easily integrated into broader IoT solutions

Key applications

M2M Connectivity has deployed short range connectivity solutions in a range of locations.

Example GNSS/GPS deployments, include:

  • Asset tracking (mining and agriculture) – from vehicles to people and machinery
  • Critical data relay (emergency services) – relaying critical location data in an emergency (people or assets)
  • Geofencing (warehousing) – creating GPS monitored boundaries to enhance asset security

The M2M Advantage

M2M has spent over 17 years delivering cellular technologies for M2M/IoT, from early days with analogue, CDMA and 2G/GSM and 3G networks, to now specialising in LTE networks across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Market leaders – offering IoT hardware services backed by Sierra Wireless
  • End-to-End solution management – providing clarity and control of devices, SIMs and services
  • Established partnerships – with Australia leading network providers
  • In-house engineering – IoT engineers capable of solution design, device and network management through to full integration

High performance
GNSS/GPS hardware

Our priority is to understand your needs before we recommend the most suitable IoT solution. GPS-based IoT applications are reliant on signal strength. M2M Connectivity’s high-performance GPS antennas, include:

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