IoT Cellular Connectivity

M2M Connectivity has worked with cellular technology for over 17 years for use in M2M, IoT and high-speed routing.

The core technology used today in Australia/NZ is LTE (also known as 4G) with all operators providing networks.

LTE has two diverging technology branches:

  • Cat 1 to Cat 12 and beyond: high speed data throughput, ideal for primary internet and high-speed data e.g. video needs
  • LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT: LPWAN LTE (low-power, wide-area) delivering a new class of cellular connectivity specifically designed for low-speed, wide coverage IoT /M2M applications

5G technology is also gaining attention, and this will offer even faster speeds than current LTE, at least in built-up areas. We expect to start seeing 5G devices for commercial use towards the end of 2019.


About LTE Cat 1

  • LTE Cat 1 is ideal for M2M and IoT applications including those that require video/data streaming, and voice support over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Offers speeds of 10 Mb/s downlink and 5 Mb/s uplink
  • Another benefit is low power consumption, with extended idle and sleep modes
  • Many LTE Cat 1 devices also provide 3G and 2G fallback connectivity

About LTE Cat M1

  • 3GPP standard for low-power application reusing most LTE technology concepts
  • It supports voice, full mobility and indoor coverage.


  • 3GPP new standard specially designed for IoT applications.
  • Very low power
  • Excellent for indoor and deep indoor applications, reduced asset mobility
  • Easy to deploy.
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