Connected Healthcare and mHealth

M2M Connectivity supplies wireless products approved for the medical market covering Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G, and satellite. In addition we offers a complete web portal platform suited to the m-health industry.

Unlock the Internet of Medical Things

Remote and wireless medical care solutions based on wireless communication networks are a rapidly expanding segment. Wireless connectivity must be reliable and certified to the high health industry standards to provide reliable connectivity within a health operation, as well as for remote medicine solutions.

Applications such as data acquisition and data transfer (e.g. medical device to PDA, laptop, or printer) are growing rapidly, be it for on-site or wide area connectivity.  The introduction of low energy Bluetooth (4.0) is starting to drive application development with almost all new smartphones (all iOS and most Android) supporting this technology, providing a ready device to receive and display/manage data from medical monitoring devices.

Wireless means greater mobility, efficiency and follow-up. For example, patients can be monitored at home and medical practitioners have the ability to set patient specific monitoring threshold and response parameters to ensure timely response to a change in a patient’s health.

Connected Healthcare and mHealth applications include

Remote patient monitoring (home, in-patient)

Collect medical and other forms of health data from individuals in one location and electronically transmit that information securely to health care providers in a different location for assessment and recommendations.

Out-patient tracking

leverage IoT-enabled devices to enable hospitals, outpatient services and pharmacies to monitor temperature, humidity and other conditions critical to safe care in an affordable and simple manner

Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics and outpatient monitoring solutions leverage connected devices that collect patient data in nonclinical settings.

Home Nurse scheduling

Integrate IoT (internet of things) technology with use of pendants and call points along with cloud integration provides for for advance reporting, supervised maintenance and data analysis.

Connectivity of medical devices and equipment

Better connect poeple and equipment to improve diagnostic and proactive preventative treatment of patients.

Streamline healthcare operations and drive better patient outcomes.

M2M Connectivity supplies wireless products approved for the medical market covering Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G, and satellite. In addition we offers a complete web portal platform suited to the m-health industry.

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M2M Design Services comprises a team of highly skilled engineers and support staff focused on developing services to support integration for M2M/IoT applications, and providing managed services to support the on-going reliable operation of these solutions.

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Our in-house passionate Engineering team can help your company to integrate technology faster.

Managed services

Our team can help your company to manage your hardware, provide suitable mobile data & plans, manage your IoT network and provide monitor tool to predict events regardless the underneath technology.

Customer stories

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CASE STUDY: Drive-Through Clinic Data Transfers Secured with Peplink Solution

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M2M IoT Case StudiesConnected Health

CASE STUDY: Vaccination Centres in UK Meet Peplink’s Connectivity Power

As part of the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination program, the National Health Service established over 1600 vaccination centres. The NHS needed to provide these sites with reliable network connectivity.  Challenge Since…
M2M IoT Case StudiesConnected Health

Sierra Wireless® AirPrime® Modules Enable Real-Time Patient Monitoring Solution for RS TechMedic B.V.

RS TechMedic B.V. is a medical technology provider based in the Netherlands. The company aims to reduce complications and injuries sustained by patients suffering chronic medical conditions. RS TechMedic develops…

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